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The Coquet Valley Archers (CVA) were founded in 2010 after an open shoot day held at Sharperton Edge.

Our initial funding came from Sport England (Lottery Funding) with this money we were able to buy a good deal of club equipment and and train our coaches to Level 1 with the Archery GB.

Thanks to the generosity of local farmers and landowners the club is fortunate in being able to shoot on a variety of farms and other spaces in the Coquet valley. This allows a number of ranges to be set up at any one time and also to allow the use of Longbows and Compound bows in the same venue.

The motto of the CVA is ‘Archery for all’, and a great deal of time and effort has been spent providing archery sessions on demand for groups in the area. The Guides, Scouts, Young Farmers and others have all benefitted from free use of club equipment and volunteer coaches. There is no other provision for sport in the Upper Coquet Valley and in order to keep this access to archery at little or no cost, the CVA decided to become an independent archery club and severed ties with Archery GB.


The Present

The club runs shoots each Sunday 10.30a.m.to 12.30p.m. In the summer these are held on one of our outdoor ranges which is normally Sharperton Edge farm. All the club equipment is available FREE to use by members and the club possesses Recurve bows in senior and junior sizes, in right and left hand variants and in differing weights. There are also longbows owned by the club for members to use. In the winter we shoot at the same times in Thropton Memorial Hall and have a winter league and a Christmas prize shoot. Due to the agricultural nature of where we shoot and who are members we take a break from shooting during the busy lambing period of April. We also have a Summer break throughout August.

All archers must complete our beginner’s course or provide a certificate of competence before they can shoot without direct coach supervision.

Our Beginner’s Courses are FREE. They are run on a rolling attendance basis which means that new archers do not have to commit to a specific series of dates but can learn at their own pace with each section signed off by a designated CVA coach. Each Beginner is given a reference manual and a competency log signed by a CVA coach each time a section is completed.


The Future

We are always looking to recruit new members. Join us by getting in touch via the email below.

We are opening our doors to other clubs and archery associations who may not have access to the outdoor facilities we are blessed with. This may be particularly important to those who shoot longbows as we can easily provide space for a clout shoot for them and also give a long range to those wanting to test their compound bows to the limit.

We are also looking to establish some Field Archery shoots as some of our members have shot this discipline, others are keen to try and it would be an interesting venture.


Constitution and Policies

The Coquet Valley Archers is a formally constituted community organisation with the aim of furthering the sport and traditions of archery in the Upper Coquet Valley, Northumberland.

Below you will find links to pdf copies of our Constitution and Policies which set out the underpinning principles which are the foundation of the activities of the Coquet Valley Archers.



If you are interested in becoming a member or have any questions about the Coquet Valley Archers then please get in touch at:


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